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Cinclodes albiventris


This is a large family of small to medium-sized birds, ranging from 9 to 35 centimetres in length. The ovenbirds are a diverse group of insectivores which get their name from the elaborate, vaguely "oven-like" clay nests built by the Horneros, although most other ovenbirds build stick nests or nest in tunnels or clefts in rock. Furnariid nests are always constructed with a cover. While individial species often are habitat specialists, species of this family can be found in virtually any Neotropical habitat, ranging from city parks inhabited by Rufous Horneros, to tropical Amazonian lowlands by many species of Foliage-gleaners, to temperate barren Andean highlands inhabited by several species of Miners... There are even two species, the Seaside and the Surf Cinclodes, which are associated with rocky coasts.

Ovenbird, Seiurus aurocapillus, of family Parulidae is unrelated to birds in the ovenbird family, Furnariidae. For both cases, the name derives from the oven-like nests that are created.

  • Foliage-Gleaner
  • Hornero
  • Miner & leaftosser
  • Spinetail
  • Woodcreeper

This page contains barbtails, cinclodes, earthcreepers, horneros, reedhaunters, treerunners, xenops and others

Genus Berlepschia - 1 species

Palmcreeper, _Point-tailedBerlepschia rikeri Found: palm swamps in South America

Cinclodes, _Bar-winged also Buff-winged CinclodesCinclodes fuscus Found: South America

Image by: 1, 2) Claudio Timm - Brazil 3) Dominic Sherony - Peru 4) Arthur Chapman - Chile 5) Argentina 6) Lip Kee - Argentina 7) James Caldwell - Chile 8) Jorge Montejo - Peru

Cinclodes, _BlackishCinclodes antarcticus Found: southern tip of South America

Image by: 1) Henry Flower - Falklands 2) David Cook 3) Nick Athanas - Falkland Islands

Cinclodes, _Chestnut-wingedCinclodes albidiventris Found: Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru
Image by: 1) Francesco Veronesi - Ecuador 2) Brian Henderson - Ecuador 3) Nick Athanas - Ecuador 4) Carlos_Henrique

Cinclodes, _CordovaCinclodes comechingonus Found: Argentina

Cinclodes, _Cream-wingedCinclodes albiventris Found: South America

Cinclodes, _Dark-belliedCinclodes patagonicus Found: Argentina, Chile

Cinclodes, _Gray-flankedCinclodes oustaleti Found: Argentina, Chile

Cinclodes, _Long-tailedCinclodes pabsti Found: Brazil

Cinclodes, _Olrog'sCinclodes olrogi Found: Argentina

Cinclodes, _RoyalCinclodes aricomae Found: Peru, Boliva

Cinclodes, _Stout-billedCinclodes excelsior Found: Columbia, Ecuador, Peru

Cinclodes, _Surf also Peruvian Seaside CinclodesCinclodes taczanowskii Found: Peru

Cinclodes, _White-belliedCinclodes palliatus Found: Peru

Cinclodes, _White-wingedCinclodes atacamensis Found: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru

Image by: 1) Hector Bottai - Chile 2) Vil Sandi - Puno Peru 3) Allen Gathman - Chile

Genus Furnarius
Horneros are usually seen on the ground or logs. They make oven-like nest utilizing mud. The nests have an curved entrance on the side to discourage predators.

Hornero, _Band-tailed also Wing-banded horneroFurnarius figulus Found: Brazil
Image by: 1) Francesco Veronesi 2) Hector Bottai

Hornero, Bay also Pale-billed horneroFurnarius torridus Found: Brazil, southeast Columbia, eastern Ecuador, northeast Peru
Image by: 1) Joseph Smit 2) David Ascanio

Hornero, _CrestedFurnarius cristatus Found: Argentina, Boliviia, Paraguay

Image by: 1) Opisska - Argentina 2) Nick Athanas - Argentina 3) Tony_Morris - Paraguay

Hornero, _Lesser Furnarius minor Found: Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Hornero, _Pale-leggedFurnarius leucopus Found: South America

Image by: 1) Frank Wouters 2) Nick Athanas - Peru 3) Doug Janson 4) Charlie Westerinen - Iquitos, Peru along the Amazon

Hornero, Rufous also Red ovenbirdFurnarius rufus Found: eastern South America

Genus Geocerthia - 1 species

Earthcreeper, _StriatedGeocerthia serrana Found: Peru

Genus Limnoctites - 1 species

Reedhaunter, Straight-billedLimnoctites rectirostris Found: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay

Genus Limnornis - 1 species

Reedhaunter, _Curve-billedLimnornis curvirostris Found: Argentina, Brazil, Urugua

Image by: 1, 2) Cláudio Timm - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil 3) Nick Athanas - Brazil

Genus Lochmias - 1 species

Streamcreeper, _Sharp-tailedLochmias nematura Found: Sourh America

Image by: 1) Dario Sanches - Brazil 2) Cláudio Timm - Brazil 3) Nick Athanas - Brazil

Genus Margarornis

Treerunner, BeautifulMargarornis bellulus Found: Panama

Treerunner, _PearledMargarornis squamiger Found: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

Treerunner, _RuddyMargarornis rubiginosus Found: Costa Rica, Panama

Genus Microxenops - 1 species

Xenops, _Rufous-tailedMicroxenops milleri Found: South America
Image by: 1) Anselmo_d'Affonseca 2) Pinned

Chilia, _CragOchetorhynchus melanurus Found: Chile

Earthcreeper, _Band-tailedOchetorhynchus phoenicurus Found: Argentina, Chile

Image by: 1, 2) Nick Athanas - Argentina

Earthcreeper, _RockOchetorhynchus andaecola Found: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile

Earthcreeper, _Straight-billedOchetorhynchus ruficaudus Found: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru

Image by: 1) Orbigny 2) Ron Knight - Argentina 3) Nick Athanas - Argentina

Genus Phleocryptes - 1 species

Rushbird, _Wren-likePhleocryptes melanops Found: South America

Genus Premnornis - 1 species

Barbtail, Rusty-wingedPremnornis guttuliger Found: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela

Barbtail, _SpottedPremnoplex brunnescens Found: Central America, northeast South America

Image by: 1) Joseph Wolf 2) Dave Curtis - Panama 3) Nick Athanas - Ecuador

Barbtail, White-throatedPremnoplex tatei Found: northern Venezuela

Cacholote, BrownPseudoseisura lophotes Found: South America

Image by: Claudio Timm - Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Tuftedcheek, BuffyPseudocolaptes lawrencii Found: Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador

Tuftedcheek, _StreakedPseudocolaptes boissonneautii Found: mountains of northern South America
Image by: 1, 3) Jose Loiza 2) Nick Athanas - Peru

Genus Pygarrhichas - 1 species

Treerunner, _White-throatedPygarrhichas albogularis Found: Chile, Argentina

Image by: 1) Dominic Sherony - Argentina 2) Nick Athanas - Argentina

Genus Roraimia - 1 species

Barbtail, RoraimanRoraimia adusta Found: Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela

Earthcreeper, BolivianTarphonomus harterti Found: Bolivia
Image by: 1) Paul Jones

Earthcreeper, _ChacoTarphonomus certhioides Found: Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay

Earthcreeper, _Buff-breastedUpucerthia validirostris Found: Argentina, Bolivia

Image by: 1) Ron Knight - Argentina 2, 3) Nick Athanas - Argentina

Earthcreeper, Patagonian ForestUpucerthia saturatior Found: Argentina, Chile
Image by: 1) Walter Ballero 2) Antonio Maureira - Chile

Earthcreeper, _Scale-throatedUpucerthia dumetaria Found: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Uruguay

Earthcreeper, _White-throatedUpucerthia albigula Found: Chile, Peru
Image by: 1) Dick Culbert 2) Nick Athanas - Chile 3) Richard Gibbons - Lima

Xenops, _PlainXenops minutus Found: South America

Xenops, Slender-billedXenops tenuirostris Found: South America

Xenops, StreakedXenops rutilans Found: South America